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Fizz Soda Maker Price

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Product Information

Soda makers come in all varieties from more than a dozen manufacturers worldwide. With your FiZZ-GiZ-II, you can carbonate anything under the sun - no problem. Our competitors' products are limited to carbonating only water. But with the Fizz Giz-II, carbonating grapes, cranberries, melon balls, citrus wedges, turning wine into Champagne and recarbonating flat soft drinks are all a snap. You can even force Teriyaki sauce into chicken strips, fully marinating the strips in as little as 12-15 seconds. For safety, the unit comes with its own built-in pressure regulator so that no more CO2 goes in the bottle than the bottle was designed for. You can reuse pretty much any soda or seltzer bottle on the planet. But the best bottles we've found are in a soft drink product you can find right here on Amazon (ASIN B003OZYV1M). The FiZZ GiZ-II fits CO2 canisters the size of small paintball sized tanks (like Sodastream tanks) all the way up to 50-lb CO2 tanks. The fittings on the larger tanks are not the same as those on paintball tanks. Please specify your tank size when ordering. Otherwise, paintball tank compatible fittings will be sent. Larger tank CO2 prices cuts your carbonations costs to �� per 12oz serving. Tubing color varies. Dispenser color/size/shape varies and may look different than that pictured. If that's a problem for you - do not order the FiZZ GiZ-II.

So, if all you have is a CO2 tank and some leftover soda bottles, U R N business! The FG-II is all you need. It's super fast. You can make more fizzy drinks in a few minutes than you can drink in a month! And if you have special bottles you really like, but our stock FiZZ GiZ carbonation caps won't fit - no problem! Send us your soda/seltzer bottle caps and we'll convert YOUR caps to FiZZ GiZ caps so you can use the FiZZ GiZ-II Soda Maker on your favorite bottles. Heck, we'll even convert your SodaStream caps to FiZZ GiZ compatible caps so you can get a taste of what REAL carbonation is like.

Strong Feat

  • Budget Soda Maker That Uses Same Cheap CO2 Restaurants Use
  • Lowest-Cost Home Carbonation System Alternative
  • Carbonate Anything You Want - Juices, Beer, Sparkling Wine & Water
  • Use Any Soda/Seltzer Bottle - Forget Paying $10 For A Plastic Bottle. Gimme a break!!!
  • Buy CO2 From Anyone Anywhere - No Proprietary Fittings

User Reviews

Seltzer nirvana achieved. But be careful what cartridges you buy.
The Man Behind the Curtain

My path to seltzer nirvana was an arduous one, filled with wasting lots of time reading websites, reviews, etc. The Fizz Giz finally brought me out of the bardo.The other reviews here cover lots of great details. Be sure to read them. This review goes in another direction.The downside to this product (no loss of stars, though, because it's just the way it is with this particular method) is that if you get a seltzer siphon where a cartridge charges a bottle full of liquid (presumably water), the siphon will allow you to squirt the seltzer into your glass. That's kind of cool, and I really wanted that feature. But there were a lot of issues acquiring a good siphon. I finally gave up on the idea due to complaints about the mechanisms failing, unacceptable materials (I just won't allow anything aluminum to come in contact with anything I eat) plus the ridiculous cost per drink of using CO2 cartridges, etc.I ran into the idea of making my own tank-based system. These systems allow you to inject CO2 into a PET soda bottle similar to the way it's done with the Fizz Giz, but you use a CO2 tank with a regulator, rather than CO2 cartridges. This was going to be expensive ($150-$300) and a hassle to get the tank and the parts etc, but being kind of obsessive about seltzer I thought it might work out.Then I ran into the Fizz Giz. For the inexpensive price, it was an opportunity to test out the concept of injecting CO2 into a soda bottle full of water. It worked great. But I had a problem buying the right cartridges. You need 16-gram unthreaded cartridges. But there's another small detail. The cartridges have to have *exactly* an 8.3mm neck on them. Something about food grade gas sold in the 8.3mm size, whatever. But there seems to be some small tolerance issues that make this difficult. I bought some cartridges from a "Redrock Distributing Co" that had reviews from people who said they worked with their Fizz Giz. Unfortunately, I could not get those cartridges to work. The gas just blew out around the sides of the cartridges the moment the Fizz Giz punctured them. I called up the Fizz Giz guy and he said that sometimes larger neck cartridges cause the fitting inside the Fizz Giz to crack and that he would replace the FG if necessary. I put a digital caliper on the neck and turned out that the were about .04mm smaller than the 8.3mm required size which is why the Fizz Giz didn't seal with these cartridges. (Edit 5/31/12: Just heard from Mike, the Fizz Giz guy. He checked out the unit I returned to him, along with some cartridges from Redrock Distributing. He says that the Redrock Distributing cartridges should work properly with the FG. The FG I returned to him got cracked somehow [and he replaced it of course] but apparently not because of the Redrock cartridges. Apologies to Redrock Distributing for the error.)Fizz Giz recommends (and sells) the cartridges from Genuine Innovations. You can get them here on Amazon (Innovations 16g Non-Threaded CO2 Cartridge, 6-Pack for instance) but they cost about $1 each. Fizz Giz sells them for 75-cents each.This gets back to the issue of CO2 cost. It seems ridiculous to spend 75-cents to $1 just for the CO2 to make for a container of seltzer.In discussing this with the Fizz Giz guy, he mentioned that he makes (but does not promote) a device he calls the "Fizz Giz home charging station". It is an add-on for the Fizz Giz that allows you to use a real tank of CO2 (not a cartridge) and attach it to your Fizz Giz. So I ordered one from him. Note that these are not on his website (as yet) so you have to contact him via his website and ask him for it. He custom makes them when you order one. I paid about $66, including shipping. Plus I had to buy a CO2 tank (this one, intended for powering paintball guns: Empire 20oz CO2 Tank) for another $20. And as I said, it's an add-on to the Fizz Giz, so you have to buy the Fizz Giz too. The home charging station screws onto the CO2 tank and has a hose which gets fitted to nipple on a modified CO2 cartridge that goes into the Fizz Giz. I'll post some pics to save 1k words.Once you have the Fizz Gizz and the home charging station and a tank, you're into the system for about $120 or so. There are a number of siphons on the market for that price, too, so the price is not really out of line. But this system allows you to buy CO2 by weight. You just take your tank to a local sporting goods store that sells CO2. I used Big5 and it cost $3.50 to fill the tank. I've used the system a couple of dozen times in the last month or so. That already saved around $20 in cartridges. And there is still lots of CO2 left. I'm not sure how many more charges I'll get out of it, but I'm guessing it will be many more than I've already used. By the end of summer the system will have way more than paid for itself in savings on cartridge costs alone.The hose is a few feet long so I keep the system in one of my cupboards and whenever I need to use it I just grab the Fizz Giz and use it without moving the CO2 tank. But if I want to use it somewhere else, like outside during a barbeque, the whole system only weighs just over 3.5 lbs so it's easy to move.One more part of my plan: I bought 20 or 25 CO2 cartridges from Fizz Giz so in the event the tank runs empty at an inopportune moment, like during a party, I can still use the Fizz Giz without having to run out to get the tank refilled. Sort of like owning two propane tanks for your barbeque, so you've always got a full spare and when the in-use tank runs out you just swap tanks, put the empty one in your car and get it refilled the next time you go to the store rather than making a propane run while your partially-cooked steaks are getting cold. (For you die-hard procrastinators, you still have options. You can still wait long enough to refill the empty tank that you do in fact run out of propane when the next tank runs dry.) :)Regarding the one 2-star reviewer who says they couldn't get more than a mildly fizzy charge out of the Fizz Giz -- I had the same problem until I practiced a couple of times. Some tips: Don't push too hard when you insert the Fizz Giz into the special cap. It only needs a little bit of pressure. Too much and it restricts the flow of CO2. Use cold liquid. Leave some air space in the bottle. If it's not fizzy enough, charge it again. Even with the cartridges you'll get at least a couple of shots out of the Fizz Giz. If you have the home charging station you can use CO2 freely to get the charge level you like.

Works great for water and flat soda
Magda Isikhuemhenova

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How I use my FizzGiz!

Great product at a great price!

One of my New Year's resolutions was to cut my high fructose corn syrup intake down to almost nil. Soda is my biggest problem so I started researching the various make-your-soda-at-home products. While some people liked the big name-brand product, I found the price a little daunting and it didn't seem like it was going be useful when I was at work or out somewhere, which is where I drink the most soda. While researching, I came across this fizz giz gadget and decided to give it a try. The price was affordable and the product is portable. Also, I did not want to get tied into purchasing a specific brand's expensive CO2 cartridges because their product only lets you use theirs. I wanted to SAVE MONEY besides cutting out the HFCS and this was a comment in the reviews on that product that people didn't think they were actually saving money making their own soda. The fizz giz uses standard CO2 cartidges that can be refilled.This "gadget" is great. It is very easy to use, even for someone as non-mechanically inclined as myself. Insert the CO2 cartridge, screw on the bottom and it is ready to go. I can put some juice or a powdered drink packet in a water bottle out of a machine and giz fizz it very easily. Its actually a little fun, just make sure you have your fizz giz cap on tight when you carbonate! The carbonation actually makes the flavored water taste different and you can control the intensity of the carbonation. Over the past week, I have found that I like some flavored waters more carbonated than others. It is so easy to use that I have not bought a soda from a machine since I got my gadget in the mail. I just have kept refilling my water bottle with cold water.I highly recommend anyone who is exploring making your soda at home to purchase this product instead because I love mine. The seller is also very customer service oriented because he sent me an email with tips for using the fizz giz with a video attachment. I have been an Amazon Prime member for a few years and buy lots of products. This is the only time I have ever been sent an email by a seller regarding my purchase, unless there was a problem.

Rating: 4.4 50 reviews

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